MicroMajor company policy plays an important role in client-contractor relations and helps keep work flowing smoothly.  I appreciate that your time is valuable, and I thank you for taking a few moments to review my company policy.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any and all questions related to this policy as it affects your project.

My Mission, to Exceed Expectations
Each client receives personal attention and an accurate appraisal of work prior to commencement.  As unknowns initially remain occluded, I contact my clients with any surprises or new information immediately as this can affect project duration.

Privacy and Compliance
I don’t share your information without express permission.  My security oath is backed by years of faithful service to my clients.  Also, new GDPR standards in the EU translates to new privacy requirements for ageing websites.  I aim to inform clients of potential hazards and adhere to GDPR best practices.

Standard and Rush Delivery Guidelines
Most requests get processed at standard rates within 48 hours of receipt or sooner.  I will accommodate rush requests at a 20% adjusted rate.  You will not get charged a premium rate until I confirm with you the rush requirement.  Sometimes I may process work orders more quickly at the standard rate, but as per company policy, customers should expect an average turnaround time of 48 hours, unless they specifically state their rush requirements and confirm the additional fee.  This policy aims to reduce unnecessary rush requests, while allowing for those with immediate needs.

When communicating with clients, I match their favorite style of communication including text, chat, voice call, or meeting in person when possible.  Communication between myself and the client gets billed at the standard rate, including all time spent texting, chatting, calling, or meeting in person.  Fees associated with communication get itemized on project invoices to maintain transparency.  Since each client offers a unique style of communication, associated fees may vary or extend beyond estimates.

New Clients
Welcome new clients, and please note, I require 50% deposit upfront on the first three assignments.